6 months and counting as a paleo ultrarunner

I’ve quickly learned that I’m not much of a blogger.  I’ve been really good with Instagram and documenting my journey to a 50 mile ultramarathon (12 days from now) and my Paleo / clean eating during this last 6 months, but blogging about it, I’ve not been as good.  So today we’ll recap the last 6 months in 2 ways, the Paleo part and the training part.

Running / Training for an Ultra

In simple summary it’s been good, but has had one very large set back.  I’m 42 and had taken a few years off running and training, had gotten a little out of shape, etc., and well I pushed too hard, too fast, too soon and too much.  I’ve been getting Physical Therapy 3 times a week for the past 4 weeks and will continue right up until the day before the race and most likely after the race.  Issue is extreme tightness in both quads and IT Bands causing serious knee pain.  This set back did cause me to miss / alter 6 long runs, including what should have been my longest at ~34 miles.

In November, I ran ~55 miles and training started in December.  December was ~115 miles, January ~154, February ~121, March ~90 (injury happened in early March) and April was ~128 miles.

This past Sunday was a scheduled 18 mile run, which I did and had success with, the week before we were in Hawaii and was scheduled to do 25 but we were on vacation and the conditions were hot, humid, hilly and on a highway (the 4 Hs) so I did ~17 miles instead.  So I’m better and the therapists are helping greatly, but not the best way to set yourself up for success at a 50 mile ultra in less then 2 weeks, but ultras are so much more mental then physical and my mental game is strong!

Other then the long runs, my run training plan stayed completely on track and on schedule and I did not miss a single training run.  Strength training was also good, but once I started with PT 3 times a week, those hour long sessions took the place of my general strength training sessions.  PT has been focusing on dynamic stretching of my legs as well as strength training of various leg muscles and my core.

Paleo / Clean Eating and Diet

I’ll start by saying I don’t like the word diet, to me it implies a change that is not permanent.  My Paleo lifestyle is now permanent.  I’ve not had a cheat meal, cheat day or cheat anything in reference to my food intake.  Sugar free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo for 6 months today! The ~20 lbs I lost in the first two months are still gone and have really enjoyed eating this way and how I feel.

I will state that I tend to have two core differences from the average Paleo eater, at least currently.  I eat more “carbs” then most do.  I eat a lot of vegetables (my wife is vegan) and I eat more sweet potatoes and plantains then most.  I need these carbs for running, without a doubt.  If I did not have them I’d continue to lose weight that I don’t have to lose and would not be able to fuel for long runs.

After the Ultra

After the race, I don’t know what is next, I might have to hang up the long distance part, we will have to see how my knees feel and how my legs are but I will take a couple weeks of long runs and then decide.  One thing I do know, I’ll still be paleo (crap that rhymes).

Until next time. Bobby.


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