Got a physical, what were the results?

So it’s been almost a year that I’ve been eating fully Paleo, with no cheat days, meals, etc.  I’ve enjoyed it, and for the most part found it very easy (sometimes finding a restaurant takes time, but that is the only main challenge).  Anyway, I had blood work done probably a month before becoming Paleo and decided it was about time to get blood work done again and see what has happened. With that being said, my blood work was good before Paleo, but things can always be better.  I was nervous about only one thing, did my cholesterol change?  Why?  Because that is the key area that I find people focus on as a negative to being / eating Paleo.  I also do drink bullet coffee (a TBSP of butter and MCT oil in my coffee) daily and even though I read in all the benefits to it, still in the back of my head is the 40+ years of being told fat / butter is bad for you.

So did my good (HDL) get better, and did my bad (LDL) stay the same or get better?  That is what I wanted to know.  Well the great news is my LDL (which was great at 95) stayed the exact same and my good, got even better, increasing by just over 20 points, from 61 (which is considered just fine) to over 80 which is excellent.

So that is a quick update, I’m still Paleo, still running.  In fact I have a 50 KM race on Sunday morning!

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