On November 1st, 2016, I started a 21 day Paleo Experiment.  I was feeling sluggish, and looking for a way to kick start a more healthy lifestyle and get back in to running, and running far.  I decided quickly during the first few weeks that my goal will be a 50 M ultra, I have attempted the distance in the past, but dropped out at mile 39 (didn’t want to risk injury), since that race I’d struggled to find my passion for running, and fell in to a rut, gained some weight, felt slow, sluggish and just plain not motivated.  This is the expression of that experiment and it’s continued active roll in my life.

The 21 day experiment did change about 14 days in, beer and alcohol are allowed in my Paleo life.  Technically those two substances do not fit in the Paleo world, but they do in mine, each of us can make our own choices for what does and does not work in our lives.

What is Paleo, well in short summary it’s food that people believe would have been eaten by people more then 10,000 years ago.  So basically meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts (not peanuts, they are a legume).  No grains (rice, wheat, etc) no legumes (beans, peanuts etc), no dairy (cheese, milk etc) and no processed foods (so no refined sugars etc).

It should be noted, that distance running is not considered Paleo friendly.  Distance running, as I’m sure many that come across this page know, “requires” carbs and plenty of them.  Well with Paleo, all those traditional sources are gone and you typically run depleted of glycogen because you are not eating all those starches with your body converting them to sugar for use at a later date.  So this site is dedicated to my journey to run long while eating Paleo.

This blog will look to feature recipes, training examples and travel posts all while eating Paleo!

As of now, when it comes to my food, I am still 100% Paleo and loving it!  It can be a challenge, I travel a lot for work (75 K miles in 2016) but I make it work and it seems to be working for me.  Oh and I’m also continuing to run and only going farther.