A day in Paleo meals

So for my first true blog post I thought I’d answer a potential question.

What does one eat in a day while following the Paleo diet?  Well let’s take that journey.  This was my day yesterday.


The morning does start with a double espresso

And then for literal breakfast.  Typically I have 2 eggs and a lot of vegetables, I may add an additional protein, like all natural bacon, or a wild salmon fillet.  Today was 4 cups of spinach, cooked with a blackening spice (think Cajun) quickly wilted on the stove.  Then quickly cooked two sunny side up eggs.

Trick for cooking those eggs, place a lid on the pan to steam the tops so you get all the white cooked without over cooking the yolk!  Also I do not like watery spinach, so I wash and spin dry (lettuce spinner) I also do not use any oil when I cook the spinach, I do not like a puddle on my plate. Continue reading “A day in Paleo meals”