So what is a Paleo Diet?

In short summary it’s food that people believe would have been eaten by humans more then 10,000 years ago.  So basically meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts (not peanuts, they are a legume).  No grains (rice, wheat, corn etc) no legumes (beans, peanuts etc), no dairy (cheese, milk etc) and no processed foods (so no refined sugars etc).

Various Paleo diet products on wooden table

Additionally there are some core principals one should try to follow, to be fair these should be followed regardless of what “diet” you follow.

  • Eat Organic
  • Fish, should be wild, and preferably line caught
  • Farmed animals should be free range, grass fed and local (if not local, make sure organic), this applies to eggs as well
  • Eat from local and sustainable farms

The basic science behind on why Paleo works it is that evolution takes millions of years, not thousands so our bodies are not really use to digesting grains, (such as wheat, rye, corn, rice) and sugar, etc so the things that are bodies does to process those things are not “good” for us.  For example we turn grains in to sugars which then spikes blood sugar levels which messes with our insulin levels and so on.

Moving to a Paleo “diet”, I don’t like the word diet as it generally implies it will end, allows you to get your body to burn fat as fuel vs. sugar (or glycogen) thus, allowing you to get to the body your DNA (cause your genes do also have a lot to do with it) has waiting for you.

It’s 80% what you put in and 20% what you do in the gym!