Got a physical, what were the results?

So it’s been almost a year that I’ve been eating fully Paleo, with no cheat days, meals, etc.  I’ve enjoyed it, and for the most part found it very easy (sometimes finding a restaurant takes time, but that is the only main challenge).  Anyway, I had blood work done probably a month before becoming Paleo and decided it was about time to get blood work done again and see what has happened. Continue reading “Got a physical, what were the results?”

Paleo – 120(ish) days and counting!

If you are reading this there is little doubt that you already know that on November 1st, 2016, I started on a 21 day Paleo program.  Well I found great success and decided to keep going and this is a summary of my diet and my successes at the 120 day mark.

So what do you eat?

  • Organic and / or locally sourced Meat (Pork, beef, lamp, bison, whatever)
  • Wild and line caught fish (mainly salmon, shrimp and tuna, but I’ll try it all)
  • Organic free range eggs
  • Organic and / or locally sourced Vegetables (lots of broccoli, cauliflower, squash, cabbage, again I’ll eat it all, and with my wife being vegan / Paleo’ish I eat a lot of vegetables)
  • Organic Fruit (it’s off season on the east coast so we get what we can)
  • Raw unsalted nuts & seeds (roasted, turned to nut butter, turned to “cheese” raw / as is, any and all ways!)
  • No Rice, no pre-packaged foods (other then Paleo approved snack items), no Gluten (so no breads, no pasta, no flour), no oats, no potatoes (except sweet potatoes), no dairy, no beans / legumes, no sugar (unless it’s honey or maple syrup) etc.

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A tail of two GPS(s)

What GPS should I use?  That is the question I’ve started to pose to myself.

Susan got me UA heart-rate detecting headphones at Christmas and with those you get a year of premium Map My Run access.  With these headphones you need to open and start a workout with the UA Recorder App (which is really buggy) or Map My Run, I started playing with Map My Run, and like that I can load others routes, and look for routes in other cities when I’m travelling etc and I like the more accurate Heart Rate from the headphones vs. the integrated one, in my Forerunner and / or my Fitbit.

So starting in very late December I began running with 2 GPS, my Forerunner 225 GPS watch and my IPhone 6S with the Map My Run app.  I live in an urban area and am used to having a little bit of GPS trouble at the start of my run, before I get out on the river path which has no buildings etc to block GPS.  I started this experiment assuming that the GPS on my IPhone would be better, why assume this?  My IPhone is about a year newer then my Forerunner and it’s larger, so I assumed more “antenna”.  So which one is better?

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So it begins

Well in fairness, this began on November 1st 2016, but I can’t and shouldn’t back date blog posts, so it begins today.

Let me take you back to about 2 weeks before November 1st.  I was looking for a change, I was feeling fat (in fairness I was not obese or anything of that nature most people probably didn’t even know I had some weight I wanted to lose, I always say I carried it well), I wanted to lose maybe 10 lbs, I wanted to get back in to running and maybe even attempt a second 50 mile Ultra-marathon in 2017.  I had tried cleanses before but this time I wanted it to be different, something that could be a lifestyle change, something I could, if I wanted to, maintain for life.  Having lots of health conscious and fit people in my life, Paleo was something that came up frequently, so I knew of it.  After doing some research, and ordering a couple books, I opted for a 21 day Paleo plan.  A guided day by day plan to keep e on the Paleo track and guide me to 3 weeks of success.

I made small changes 2 weeks leading up to Day 1 on November 1st, 2016 and on day 1, went full Paleo, including no alcohol, though I did keep coffee in (I drink 1, maybe 2 espresso, no sugar, no milk, per day).

Here are some of my Facebook posts through that 21 day journey: Continue reading “So it begins”