6 months and counting as a paleo ultrarunner

I’ve quickly learned that I’m not much of a blogger.  I’ve been really good with Instagram and documenting my journey to a 50 mile ultramarathon (12 days from now) and my Paleo / clean eating during this last 6 months, but blogging about it, I’ve not been as good.  So today we’ll recap the last 6 months in 2 ways, the Paleo part and the training part.

Running / Training for an Ultra

In simple summary it’s been good, but has had one very large set back.  I’m 42 and had taken a few years off running and training, had gotten a little out of shape, etc., and well I pushed too hard, too fast, too soon and too much.  I’ve been getting Physical Therapy 3 times a week for the past 4 weeks and will continue right up until the day before the race and most likely after the race.  Issue is extreme tightness in both quads and IT Bands causing serious knee pain.  This set back did cause me to miss / alter 6 long runs, including what should have been my longest at ~34 miles. Continue reading “6 months and counting as a paleo ultrarunner”