Got a physical, what were the results?

So it’s been almost a year that I’ve been eating fully Paleo, with no cheat days, meals, etc.  I’ve enjoyed it, and for the most part found it very easy (sometimes finding a restaurant takes time, but that is the only main challenge).  Anyway, I had blood work done probably a month before becoming Paleo and decided it was about time to get blood work done again and see what has happened. Continue reading “Got a physical, what were the results?”

6 months and counting as a paleo ultrarunner

I’ve quickly learned that I’m not much of a blogger.  I’ve been really good with Instagram and documenting my journey to a 50 mile ultramarathon (12 days from now) and my Paleo / clean eating during this last 6 months, but blogging about it, I’ve not been as good.  So today we’ll recap the last 6 months in 2 ways, the Paleo part and the training part.

Running / Training for an Ultra

In simple summary it’s been good, but has had one very large set back.  I’m 42 and had taken a few years off running and training, had gotten a little out of shape, etc., and well I pushed too hard, too fast, too soon and too much.  I’ve been getting Physical Therapy 3 times a week for the past 4 weeks and will continue right up until the day before the race and most likely after the race.  Issue is extreme tightness in both quads and IT Bands causing serious knee pain.  This set back did cause me to miss / alter 6 long runs, including what should have been my longest at ~34 miles. Continue reading “6 months and counting as a paleo ultrarunner”

Paleo – 120(ish) days and counting!

If you are reading this there is little doubt that you already know that on November 1st, 2016, I started on a 21 day Paleo program.  Well I found great success and decided to keep going and this is a summary of my diet and my successes at the 120 day mark.

So what do you eat?

  • Organic and / or locally sourced Meat (Pork, beef, lamp, bison, whatever)
  • Wild and line caught fish (mainly salmon, shrimp and tuna, but I’ll try it all)
  • Organic free range eggs
  • Organic and / or locally sourced Vegetables (lots of broccoli, cauliflower, squash, cabbage, again I’ll eat it all, and with my wife being vegan / Paleo’ish I eat a lot of vegetables)
  • Organic Fruit (it’s off season on the east coast so we get what we can)
  • Raw unsalted nuts & seeds (roasted, turned to nut butter, turned to “cheese” raw / as is, any and all ways!)
  • No Rice, no pre-packaged foods (other then Paleo approved snack items), no Gluten (so no breads, no pasta, no flour), no oats, no potatoes (except sweet potatoes), no dairy, no beans / legumes, no sugar (unless it’s honey or maple syrup) etc.

Continue reading “Paleo – 120(ish) days and counting!”

A tail of two GPS(s)

What GPS should I use?  That is the question I’ve started to pose to myself.

Susan got me UA heart-rate detecting headphones at Christmas and with those you get a year of premium Map My Run access.  With these headphones you need to open and start a workout with the UA Recorder App (which is really buggy) or Map My Run, I started playing with Map My Run, and like that I can load others routes, and look for routes in other cities when I’m travelling etc and I like the more accurate Heart Rate from the headphones vs. the integrated one, in my Forerunner and / or my Fitbit.

So starting in very late December I began running with 2 GPS, my Forerunner 225 GPS watch and my IPhone 6S with the Map My Run app.  I live in an urban area and am used to having a little bit of GPS trouble at the start of my run, before I get out on the river path which has no buildings etc to block GPS.  I started this experiment assuming that the GPS on my IPhone would be better, why assume this?  My IPhone is about a year newer then my Forerunner and it’s larger, so I assumed more “antenna”.  So which one is better?

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The long (cold, snowy, tech failed and Paleo) 18 M run

The long run.  For those that run “races”, usually Half Marathon or longer, you are familiar with this training day.  Typically a weekend morning, were you go out for a long run, I’d say 9 miles or longer.  Mine is generally on Sundays, unless Saturday will be just that much nicer out or I have something that will prevent me from getting out Sunday morning.  This Sunday was a scheduled 18 miles, and it didn’t go according to plan, but do they ever?  Also as mentioned on this site, long runs are not Paleo “friendly” so how do I fuel, before and during a long run?

This 18 mile run, was doomed to be challenging from the start.   Continue reading “The long (cold, snowy, tech failed and Paleo) 18 M run”