Ultra Running

An Ultra Run, is basically a run who’s distance is greater then a marathon (26.2 miles).

On a long run in Arizona

But Bobby, Ultra Running is not Paleo friendly!

Yes, typically distance running, regular marathon’s or ultras, is not considered Paleo friendly.  Distance running is not something that folks did back in the cave man days (Paleo can also be known as a caveman diet) so that argument gets made often for those being “true” to Paleo.

Distance running diets do typically involve a lot of grains and “carb-loading” meals but that might not have to be the case.  I’ve lived that world, loved pasta night, and bread, etc.  Ran 2 marathons in the same calendar year (averaging 3:31 per) have attempted a 50 mile Ultra, have run more half marathons then I can count (fastest at 1:37) all while following the typical american diet.  It certainly worked for my running stamina, but did not work for my body, especially on the off season.

This site is my journey down a Paleo lifestyle that happens to also be while I’m training for my first Ultra Marathon (50 mile race) in 4 years.